Welcome to the rides section, this should give you an idea of what the Busch Bros are all about.   

We have always got a few irons in the fire, and this is just a quick glance at some of our favorite
current and past projects:
This was our "Beer Budget" bucket (not really budget).   We've come to the conclusion that people
who build super budget rods either a) lie about the cost, or b) have half the car "just sitting around"
before they begin.  Anyhow, it was quite an experience! Starting with nothing, in 7 months we came
up with what you see here.  It's a Speedway frame and body (consisting of an unbraced body, a frame
and a box of bolts with no instructions-  definitely not a "kit car"), junkyard rearend and tranny, new
350 crate motor, fat fender headers, model A grill, homemade windshield frame, unique dual tank
setup on the back on homemade mounts, homemade exhaust, Wheel Vintiques smoothies,
spraypainted whitewalls and hand made all aluminum interior.  
Speedway '25 T Roadster
The '29 Ford Model A coupe.  Man, I really miss this one.  Powered by a flathead four, stripped fenders,
partially restored, and thoroughly enjoyed, I sold this to fund other projects.  Big mistake.  This was
really a fun little car!
'29 Model A coupe on '37 Ford Wires
This one was no doubt our most in-depth project to that point (2007).  Starting as a whipped '29 A
sedan we cut the roof off, cut about 40" out of the length, built a bed and slapped a 460, C6, 9" and
four wheel discs in it.  We call it the A-bucket, basically a T-bucket with more leg room and width!  
Unfortunately had to sell this to fund our move.
T-Bucket roadster
'29 Model A four banger hot rod
Jalopy Interior 1929 Ford
'29 Ford Model A Sedan A-Bucket Roadster
'29 A-Bucket Roadster pickup
1929 Ford  Roadster chassis 460 C6 9
This is only a small sampling of our best work- we've had our hands on way too many projects
to go into detail here, but here's some pics at the
"B.C." project page (Before Chopping).  
These are projects we didn't really go full bore on.
"THE PIT BOSS" 1980 Honda ATC 110 pit trike
chopper-  an old three wheeler that we chopped
in half, stretched the neck 14", raked it to 45
degrees, had a combination of Yamaha/Suzuki
forks and triples mated to Honda bearings, an
XS1100 wheel, Harley tank, fender and seat,
custom full fiberglass rear section, custom
headlight and exhaust, and custom
1971 Kawasaki F7 175 Enduros converted to "Attack Style" lanesplitters.  They were lowered about 4",
the exhaust and oil tanks were shortened about 4" and tucked in 2" to make the bikes ultra narrow.  
The seats were of course redone narrow and short, new bars, aluminum fenders, flyscreens, brake
struts, levers, pegs, etc.  The rear frame rail hoop was sectioned about 6" and the rear fender rolled up
about 8".  They hovered around 200lbs each, and were a BLAST to bomb around town on!  
As seen in
"The Horse Backstreet Chopper" Magazine #121 and Biker Zone #247!
Finished this one up in Fall '11.  Started life as a beat down late 60's Bultaco matador Mark 3 250, and we
turned it into sort of a hybrid short track narrow speedway bomber.  Scratch built tank, fenders,
bracketry, number and headlight panels, tail light housing, seat, etc.  Custom paint and striping set it off,
and it goes like a bat out of hell!  Lots of polishing contrasts with the sandblasted pieces very nicely.  
seen on Bike EXIF and in "The Ride 2nd Gear" book, Dice issue #43, Tank Moto #7,  and Biker Zone  #229
1980 Honda ATC Chopper trike
'72 XLCH in a '75 frame Ironhead, 19" wheels front and rear, super high mids, gear grinder shifter, bolt on tail, Morris
magneto, all hand fabbed tanks, mufflers, air cleaner, seat, bars, risers, head and tail light, skid plate / air dam / front
fender combo, etc.  All machining, fabrication, paint and leatherwork by Busch and Busch.   
Featured in Dice
Magazine issue #48, Horse Back Street Choppers #150, Biker Zone #268 and Wild Motorcycles #136!  
SOLD: '71 Yamaha XS650 done up in hardtail fashion.  It was completed and ridden in December '09.  All
paint and fabrication done by Busch and Busch- lots of twisted iron, and the risers are solid 1 1/2" bar
twisted, 5" tall, topped with 11" Z bars, "Tokyo Thug Style"  A total blast to bomb around on!  
As seen in
"The Horse Backstreet Chopper" Magazine #110 and Biker Zone #235!
'71 Suzuki Titan 500 Cafe.    We didn't go for a Bonneville run, but Danny did a massive amount of
custom aluminum bodywork for it, added rearsets, and got rid of the oil tank and moved it inboard for a
more narrow look.
As seen in "The Horse Backstreet Chopper" Magazine #116, and Dice issue 41!
Bultaco Maatdor 250 custom tracker
Bultaco Conquistador 250 Biker Zone 229 Dice Magazine 43
Kawasaki F7 lanesplitters 175cc two stroke Horse Backstreet Chopper #121
Kawasaki 175 cafe trackers F7
Dice Magazine #41 T500 Suzuki cafe racer
Horse backstreet chopper #116 Titan 500 Cafe
XS650 Chopper 1971 Horse Backstreet Chopper #110
Busch and Busch Tokyo Thug Style XS650 chopper
'87 Sporty 1200.   I've seen some pretty sweet Blockheads and this one was the right price and had a
gaggle of aftermarket crap, but also some cool performance pieces.   After a complete teardown to the
flywheels, and three different prior versions, it was back on the road and looked QUITE proper.  
in the Horse Backstreet Choppers #132, Cycle Source January '13 and Biker Zone #232!
Now here is a project we have been working on for years, and it is finally almost done.    '79 Yamaha
XS650, rebuilt engine, hand fabbed gooseneck frame with loop tail, 0" stretch, 41 degrees rake.  Hand
fabbed tank and rear fender, exhaust, seat, DNA springer adapted to Yamaha neck, 5.00-16 Firestones
on Harley wheels.  
Featured in Horse Back Street Choppers #145 and Biker Zone #251
This is a '74 Yamaha MX100, converted to more of a tracker style-  the rear frame hoop was cut off and
moved 6" forward, the rear support tubes were angled up to meet the new shorter rear, the shocks are
longer Progressive units, angled slightly more than stock and the shock mounts relocated to also lower
the ride height at the same time as moving them forward.  The front fork tubes were cut and sectioned 4"
and welded back together, we added  a flat bar, made a solo seat tail section and new front number plate,
and made aluminum side covers that retain the stock Yamaha quick release fasteners.  The exhaust was
also cut and moved around to make it an underseat unit.
Featured in Sideburn Magazine #16
"Silver Fox II" - the Ironhead
land speed racer (stage 1) is
finished!  Started life as an early
70's frame with Ness front half,
40 degrees rake 4" backbone
stretch.  1972 XLCH Ironhead
engine fitted, with a custom
DOM tube rear subframe,
lengthened 5 inches over
stock.  Showa 39mm shaved
frontend, Fatboy rear wheel.  All
custom hand made aluminum
bodywork.  In the near future,
engine will be swapped out to a
built '78 and Garrett GT15 turbo
hooked up.  Racing in the
APSPG-1000 class at Speed
Week.  Featured in Dice Issue
62 and Wild Motorcycles #166!

See See Motorcycles
Element Engineering
Seattle Used Bikes
It's a late 70's hacked up frame
with welded on hardtail, 70 cases,
76 tranny (ran dry with a belt drive),
a 60's cam chest and magneto,
Mikuni VM and BCM air cleaner.  
It's a 70's Fury frontend (not the
Denver's Choppers we were told it
was).  Rake:  55 degrees, Trail: 12"
!!!!!  Handles very poorly!  We
scratch fabbed all the body work,
painted it Emerald Green pearl,
fabbed the controls, handle bars,
engine top mount, sissy bar, and
even made the velvet seat.  We
added a cigarette lighter and
ashtray to the rear of the tank, and
an 8 track player is mounted in a
leather solo bag (not pictured).  
The velvet painting on the tank is
Franz von Stuck's "Sinnlichkeit",
or "Sensuality".  
This Sportster comes with a funny story about how we acquired it and in what
condition it was in- but there's NO room to detail it here!  We rushed this project
together in a 2 month span for the 2014 One Show in Portland (where it took home
the Disco and Satin award).  Featured in Biker Zone Magazine #259 and the Horse
Backstreet Choppers #156!
The "Desert Fox" started as a 1978 Yamaha DT400 2 stroke.  We made all the body
work from 5052 aluminum sheet and polished it (it's NOT chrome!!).  We added rails
to the frame below each side panel, and shortened the rear frame loop.  The rack is
aluminum rod, and the exhaust was shortened and reshaped, and capped with
Supertrapp discs.  A tool box sits where the airbox used to, and the chain guards
were remade in aluminum, and a mud guard was added.  The exhaust pipe up front
is shielded from an aluminum plate skid guard and alinum rod, along with an
aluminum heat shield up top.  We did the seat and saddle bag in distressed brown
leather.  A fuel bottle sits below the tank on the right side (the main tank holds 3
gallons, the bottle holds an extra half).  Finally, the DT side cover was replaced with a
YZ magnesium cover and the oil pump (which was broken when we got it) was
tossed. Featured in Sideburn Magazine #21 and Biker Zone Magazine #265!