The bulk of the art we produce is of the metal variety-
be it hand-hammered automotive panels and tanks,
machined billets, or welded sculptures, our preferred
medium is cold, hard, art.

We like to weld, hammer, torch, wheel, cut, mill, and
grind metal into submission to create one-of-a-kind,
useable, lasting objects.
But, metal work is not ALL we do-  we also enjoy a
softer art form, and that is hand tooling leather.  We
can create one-off, hand made art in whatever form
you need-  belts, wallets, key fobs, seats, tool
bags, etc.  The sky is the limit!
Pinstriping and painting is another area that we
really enjoy dabbling in.  Again, any sort of design
you can imagine can be applied to virtually any
object or surface you can imagine-  from car hoods
to helmets, to cell phones and flasks.  We can stripe
the world!
While we have chosen to pursue metal sculpture,
leather tooling and pinstriping because of the
obvious application in the automotive field, we got
our start in plain old drawing and painting, and later
graphic design, working ten years at a sign shop
and honing our digital skills.