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Welcome to the Busch and Busch Hand Crafted home page.  We are a couple of dudes in Reno, NV, USA that try
to do what we love everyday- playing around with custom artwork, leather tooling, metal forming and more.   
Busch and Busch consists of the brother team of Daniel and Lance Busch, and we came up with the rough idea
for B&B in high school around '94.  A year later we were screen printing "shop" shirts in art class!  It took about
ten more years of cutting our teeth on body work, welding, and minor jobs on friends' cars before getting into
motorcycles, then into building hot rods around 2006.  With each project we always try to do something new and
test out new skills.  We're always learning and having fun, and that's the important thing.  

We are not currently open to the public, but will answer any questions you may have.  Feel free to
contact us.
You can see our products for sale at our
Big Cartel store.
The ORIGINAL Busch Brothers- since 1979!